Online Workshops

Smart Ears is pleased to offer live online workshops on teaching children with hearing loss to listen and talk. The workshops are aimed at education and health professionals who work with children with hearing loss, and are not suitable for parents.

Smart Ears Online Workshops

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Online workshops are convenient. You don't have to miss additional days of work traveling to another city for the workshop (not to mention arranging for a babysitter at home!). You can sit at your computer at your home or workplace, relax, and concentrate all your energy on learning!
Online workshops are cost-effective. They cost a fraction of what conventional workshops do if you factor in the cost of travel, stay, and lost workdays. Add them up, and you probably can do the complete Smart Ears Workshop Series for the cost of a single in-person workshop!
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Our online workshops are not boring text chats. You'll see and hear the instructor, see the slides, watch video clips, refer to your handouts, and interact with the instructor and fellow attendees. With a focus on the practical, you will leave the workshop with new skills and a bunch of new ideas!
ASHA (American Speech-Language-Hearing Association) CEUs are offered for the workshops. All our workshops are also approved by the AG Bell Academy for Listening and Spoken Language towards their LSLS continuing education and/or learning requirements.
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Please note that our workshops focus solely on children with hearing loss, birth through early elementary (0-8). Issues relating to older children are not discussed.


Smart Ears live online workshops are just that — live (you can interact with the instructor and fellow attendees in real time), online (you can participate from any part of the country or the world, from the comfort of your office or home), workshop (not a dry webinar but a workshop with a bunch of video clips demonstrating practical strategies). These are not recorded, and cannot be viewed at a later time. For more information, please continue reading this web page.



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Making A Difference …

I started the workshop with an extremely basic knowledge of how to work with children with hearing loss.  Now, I have an evidence based program that I can use to not only assess but adequately treat children with hearing loss and train their families to be a part of the process. Wow I'm filled with knowledge and empowered instead of terrified of working with these children.
S.B., Texas
 I am very impressed with how much I learned in such a short amount of time. This workshop provided me with a lot of insight on how to focus our sessions on learning through audition. I feel refreshed and renewed and ready to start on a new professional course tomorrow!
E.H., Iowa
Although I have been a LSLS Cert. AVT for almost 10 years, your workshop affirmed a lot of what I am already doing, helped me remember the things that I have not been doing for a while that I need to bring back into my sessions, and taught me new strategies and ways to work with families that I could add to what I am already doing. I didn't want it to end! Thank you for all you are doing. You are such an inspiration and wonderful teacher in helping to spread the good news that Deaf and HH children CAN learn to listen and talk at everyday stage of their development, before and after hearing aid fitting or cochlear implants. Thank you!
K.K., Illinois

What They Say

I am very very impressed with the quality of the Smart Ears workshops. Very useful, practical, organized, and extremely well presented information. (C.W., Maine)
.......... a treasure trove for those working with the hearing impaired. The strategies are practical and would carry over nicely into teaching children of varied abilities, not just hearing impaired. (M.M., New York)
I like the fact that it is live and relatively small. I feel like I get individual attention if needed and all of my questions are answered. (J.S., Connecticut)
This was one of the most practical workshops I have attended. There was a good connection between theory and practice, which is helpful in making applications. (J.R., Arizona)
Pratibha makes it look too easy!! (a sign of a great teacher and therapist). (P.R., Ohio)
I was very impressed. It was refreshing to sit in a workshop and learn something new …. Honestly, one of the best workshops I have been in, in a very long time (M.L., Texas)
This was an amazing workshop - excellent content, presentation, and speaker. I learned a great deal and am still processing it. (M.G., Texas)
These workshops always make my creative side go crazy! I'm excited to go back to school and start implementing these ideas (C.B., California)
Parts of my brain lit up …… I actually tried a few of the auditory techniques with one of my patients the next day, and I was surprised of her reaction and performance even though they felt like minor changes. (L.A., Saudi Arabia)
The workshop was well presented and well worth getting up at 3:15 AM Hawaii Time. (S.C., Hawaii)
I've taken classes in AVT, gone to conferences, and use the techniques with my students so I was surprised at how much new information I was able to learn from this workshop. (C.L., Michigan)
It was the most practical workshop I have ever participated in! (J.W., Massachussets)
I have been working with D/HH students for over 16 years and I have truly learned a lot from these webinars. (R.V., Texas)
I liked walking away with implementation material and true handwritten copies of a therapy session to go back and reference. (A.H., Kentucky)
Sometimes you get to a workshop and it is 95% theory and 5% something you can actually use. Pratibha’s workshops are the opposite. You can walk away from the workshop and take information and strategies immediately to your families. (B.O., North Dakota)

It is amazing what I can learn in 4.5 hours ! (K.P., Idaho)
I love the smart ears workshops! They are incredibly well designed and informative and have been a HUGE help in my ability to work with families and therapists. (C.C., Maine)

This type of information is so rare to find. Thank you. (M.C., Montana)
I am very impressed that an online workshop can be even better than one staged in a large auditorium or meeting room. The presentation was stellar and the content was very useful. Thank you. (K.T., California)

Full of great information.  Very practical tools that I can begin using immediately. (A.Y., Oklahoma)
 (BASICS workshop) As a speech language pathologist I thought the "Basics" was going to be some review.  Not even close.  There was so much that I was learning and attaching to my current knowledge base. (C.D., Hawaii)
My overall impression about this workshop is WOW! …….. (C.S., California)
This is one of the best workshops I have taken.  I am always impressed when I can walk away with activities that I can use in my sessions tomorrow. (J.D., Utah)
Best $ for a workshop I have spent! (S.P., Pennsylvania)
I liked that this training was very practical and gave lots of practical strategies and showed lots of good examples.  I liked that there was information on assessment as well as therapy ideas. The sample lesson plans were also very helpful. (M.W., Hawaii)
I cannot wait to implement these strategies tomorrow during my therapy sessions! (C.H., Texas)
I couldn't have chosen a better course series than this! (A.V., Texas)
I was impressed ...... I am hard to impress. I would (and have already) recommend this to other colleagues. (K.K., South Carolina)
I like how she makes me think outside the box … (J.M., Ontario, Canada)
This was the best workshop I've attended in sometime & by far the best online workshop I've ever attended. (D.M., Minnesota)
I was amazed how an online conference could feel so "hands-on." (C.H., Georgia)
The information was thoughtfully presented.  The handouts were excellent.  It was very convenient to attend on line in the comfort of my home.  Smart Ears is very well organized! (S.S., California)
This workshop represents the highest level of professionalism and practice which is available to our practitioners for online instruction. (S.C., North Carolina)
I thought it was going to be such a long day sitting in front of a screen for 7 hours, but I was surprised at how quickly time passed. (K.K., Ontario)
I thought it was the best webinar I have ever attended. (L.J.M., Texas)
(BABIES workshop) Its hard to find workshops that focus on birth to 3, and even harder to find workshops that give you the whole package from assessment to intervention and in a way that a clinician can actually APPLY it! This provided that very thing! (R.S., Oregon)
I love how focused and on time she is!  She has a plan and sticks to it! (K.D., Washington)
Exceeded my expectations for content and gave me a lot to start from and grow from. (A.H., New Hampshire)
I wish that these workshops were mandatory for all individuals/ professionals and families before dealing with CI's. (T.H., Montana)
I loved this workshop. I learned so much and the video demonstrations really helped me to understand how to use the information. (L.M., Nevada)
It was wonderful - such a great value for the money! Learned a lot! (S.H., Illinois)
Pratibha has a natural teaching style that I appreciate. She so easily teaches this challenging material in a way that makes it accessible. (L.S., Wisconsin)
Much higher level than most (all?) of other webinars I've seen. Much appreciated! (C.J., Maine)
In fact, my 4:15 client today has bilateral implants and I was immediately able to implement some of these strategies with him. (D.M., Texas)
I learned so much today (S.Z., New Jersey)
This is my 5th Smart Ears webinar and I would recommend them to anyone looking to learn more about AVT and build their skills as it related to intervention for children with hearing loss. (A.R., Newfoundland, Canada)
PRACTICAL, practical, practical! (D.Y., Hawaii)
I enjoyed this workshop because it is very well organized, easy to follow, tech help is available, simple set up directions, and the information presented is immediately applicable in my daily lessons. (V.O., Minnesota)
 I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop.  I found it extremely informative and helpful for enhancing my use of specific, evidenced based, strategies to lead my sessions in developing verbal speech. (K.M., Illinois)
This was a great use of my professional day! (N.S., Colorado)
I love working with HI kiddos. This workshop fired me up! (M.M., Massachusetts)
It was one of the smoothest webinars, as far as technology went, that I have attended.  (S.L., Iowa)


Following are the currently offered live online workshops; click on the video clip to watch a brief description; click on the workshop name for more details on the workshop, and to register. (If you are taking a number of workshops or the entire workshop series OR if you need to register a number of people from your organization for multiple workshops, and don’t want to go through registering one by one, please contact us and we will send you an email form to register multiple people/multiple workshops. Please click “Contact Me” at the bottom of this page to send us an email.)


1. Teaching Children with Hearing Loss to Listen and Talk - The Basics
Next available workshop date(s):
Spring 2021; For exact dates, please check back later
10 AM - 5:00 PM Eastern ($99 per attendee)

The above Basics workshop (or equivalent knowledge) is a pre-requisite for all other workshops. Please read the FAQ for more details.


2. Teaching Children with Hearing Loss to Listen and Talk - Assessment of Auditory Skills)
Next available workshop date(s):
Spring 2021; For exact dates, please check back later
11 AM - 4:00 PM Eastern ($119 per attendee)


3. Teaching Children with Hearing Loss to Listen and Talk - Getting Started)
Next available workshop date(s):
Spring 2021; For exact dates, please check back later
11 AM - 4:00 PM Eastern ($119 per attendee)


4. Teaching Children with Hearing Loss to Listen and Talk - Auditory Activities
Next available workshop date(s):
Spring 2021; For exact dates, please check back later

11 AM - 4:00 PM Eastern ($119 per attendee)

The above four workshops (BASICS, ASSESSMENT, GETTING STARTED, and ACTIVITIES) constitute a core sequence designed to get you going right away! We recommend that, if possible, you take them as a course, in succession (offered as a sequence every Fall).


8. Teaching Children with Hearing Loss to Listen and Talk - Activities In-Depth
Pre-requisite: Auditory Activities Workshop)
Next available workshop date(s):
Spring 2021; For exact dates, please check back later
11 AM - 4:00 PM Eastern ($119 per attendee)


9. Teaching Children with Hearing Loss to Listen and Talk - Developing Speech through Audition
Next available workshop date(s):
Spring 2021; For exact dates, please check back later
11 AM - 4:00 PM Eastern ($119 per attendee)


6. Teaching Children with Hearing Loss to Listen and Talk - Working with Children with Cochlear Implants
Next available workshop date(s):
Spring 2021; For exact dates, please check back later

11 AM - 4:00 PM Eastern ($119 per attendee)


10. Teaching Children with Hearing Loss to Listen and Talk - Late Starters
Next available workshop date(s):
Spring 2021; For exact dates, please check back later
11 AM - 4:00 PM Eastern ($119 per attendee)


11. Teaching Children with Hearing Loss to Listen and Talk - Using iPAD
Next available workshop date(s):
Not currently scheduled
11 AM - 4:00 PM Eastern ($119 per attendee)


7. Teaching Children with Hearing Loss to Listen and Talk - Working with Babies
Next available workshop date(s):
Spring 2021; For exact dates, please check back later
10 AM - 5:00 PM Eastern ($179 per attendee)

iPad !!!

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From your feedback we know that you learn a great deal and enjoy immensely when you attend a Smart Ears workshop. Now you can feel comfortable and look cool, too, while doing so! Yes, you can attend Smart Ears workshops on an iPad (or an Android tablet, or a Blackberry tablet). All you need to do is download Adobe Connect Mobile from your App Store and install it. On the day of the workshop, simply open the app, type in the classroom link (which you would have received by email), and enter the password. That's all!

A couple of things to remember:

1. Make sure you are connected through WI-FI. You don't want to use up your digital data plan for attending our workshops as they will consume a great deal of bandwidth (lots of video clips!)
2. While technically you can use Adobe Mobile Connect with your smartphones, too, we don't recommend attending our workshops on your smartphone.


What are the Pre-requisites for Smart Ears Workshops?

For the BASICS workshop, there are no pre-requisites. For all other workshops, registrants are very strongly encouraged to take the BASICS Workshop first -- or, they should possess equivalent knowledge. The latter means that they should have a good grasp of the fundamentals of AV therapy, including, at a minimum, the following:

1. What is Auditory-verbal therapy? Differences between AV and other approaches.
2. Key principles of AV approach.
3. Key components of AV therapy.
4. The auditory skill hierarchy and resulting outcomes in receptive language and expressive skills. How auditory skills develop in children with typical hearing and the timelines for the same.
5. Auditory skill categories of detection/ feedback/ discrimination/ memory/ identification/comprehension for each level of the above hierarchy
6. Informal auditory assessment based on videotaped samples of therapy/parent-child interaction including assessment of current level of the child on the hierarchy, immediate skills that need to be developed, and long range goal development.
7. Listening check and the six-sound test; concept of listening age.
8. Basic AV techniques of acoustic highlighting, modeling and imitating, chunking, auditory-verbal speech babble, and the hand cue.
9. The use of auditory routines for listening activities
10. Parent strategies for active coaching; components of a parent training program.

It will be assumed that the attendees of advanced level workshops are familiar with the above content.

How Does this Online Thing Work?

1. You will get an email about a week before the workshop, giving you a link to click and a password. On the appointed day and time, you click the link to access the online classroom. You can then enter the online classroom with the "classroom passcode" provided.

2. The participants can always see and hear the presenter, and view her presentation slides. There is a text chat box that the participants can use to comment and ask questions. Participants simply type in their questions in the chat window so as not to interrupt the flow of the presentation. The presenter will respond to all the questions periodically.

4. You will see whatever the presenter presents: slides, videoclips, etc. -- just like a traditional presentation. (You cannot view the video clips if your employer has blocked video streaming. Many school systems block all video streaming to all their computers as a security measure. So, it is important that you check if this is the case and make sure your computer is unblocked -- ahead of the workshop, to avoid last-minute problems. Two weeks prior to your workshop date, you will receive instructions on how to do this, and other relevant information).

What are the Equipment Requirements?

1. You need a fast broadband internet connection (DSL, Cable, etc.). A dial-up connection won't do. Sometimes, the total bandwidth of a school system is shared by so many employees using the internet, you may not have adequate bandwidth for live audio/video streaming; consequently, you may experience inconsistent audio quality. If you have the option of attending this workshop from home and you have a good broadband internet connection, we recommend you do that.

2. You need a PC or a Mac that can handle the teleconferencing needs of this workshop. Generally, if you have a relatively new computer (2-3 years old), you should be okay. Two weeks before the workshop date, we will send you an email with information to get ready for the workshop. The email will contain a link to click; this will check if your computer and download any software updates you need to be able to access the classroom.

3. You need a USB headset plugged into a USB port. Without the headset, the sound will output through your speakers and be fed back into your microphone! (In some cases, you can use open speakers if you turn off your microphone or don't have a microphone attached. Make sure you are in a private, quiet area if you are going to turn up open speakers.)

Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that you have the proper setup from your side.

Do I Need A Webcam?

No, you don't need a webcam.

Can I Use an iPad?

YES !!! Starting Fall 2013, you can participate on your iPad. Simply download the Adobe Connect app for your iPad and, on the day of the workshop, type in the classroom link (which we will send you) and enter your password.

What If I Get Disconnected During the Workshop?

No problem. Simply click the link that you used to get to the online classroom the first time to get back on. The same strategy works if your screen freezes up (which can happen occasionally, if you have a slow connection). Simply restart your computer, and log back in.

Can More than One Person Share A Computer?

Yes, provided each participant has registered and paid the fee. This often occurs where the school system has set up its teleconferencing facilities for this purpose. All attendees must be individually registered. Please note that the registration fee is per attendee. To permit a non-registered person to attend alongside you is a violation of the terms of participation and is explicitly prohibited.

Is the Workshop Available for Viewing Later?

No. All our workshops are live and interactive. No recorded version is available for later viewing.

What About Handouts and Other Workshop Material?

All hand-outs will be emailed to you before the workshop. You will need to print and keep them for reference during the workshop.

Can I Register for Part of the Day?


Do you do Purchase Orders?

Yes. We accept purchase orders. When you register, you will receive a registration confirmation email which will give you all payment options, including P.O.

Are There Group Rates?

No. The registration fee is per attendee and must be paid even if you attend as a group. If you have a large group and prefer to register them together, you may collect the registration information for each of them and send it in a single email to workshops{at}

Will I Get A Certificate?

Yes. When you return your completed course feedback and evaluation form, we will email you a workshop completion certificate (usually within a week). Each workshop provides a specified number of professional development hours. Since the procedures and requirements vary from field to field (Teachers, SLPs, etc) and from state to state, you will have to contact your state for the specific procedure for your state. You can attach the workshop completion certificate and the workshop agenda for documentation. For ASHA CEUs, see below.


Our workshops offer ASHA CEUs. See the web page for each workshop for the number of CEUs it provides.
1. The CEUs are given for completing the course. Partial credit is not given for partial attendance.
2. In order to receive the ASHA CEUs, participants must complete and return a) the course feedback and evaluation form, and b) the ASHA participant CEU form to reach us within 15 days of the workshop. (The forms, along with instructions, will be emailed to the participants at the end of the workshop).
3. Please do not send us the ASHA CE Registry fee. This fee is paid by the participant directly to the ASHA national office.

Our workshops are also approved by the AG Bell Academy for Listening and Spoken Language and provide CE hours to LSLS certified professionals; LSLS candidates can use the hours towards some of the learning hours. Contact AG Bell Academy for details. After the workshop, the attendees are sent an LSLS form which they should complete and keep (i.e., not return to us), to be used when they need to document the CE/learning hours.

What is the Cancellation Policy?

If you cancel more than 7 days prior to the workshop, your registration fee will be refunded or credited toward a future workshop at your option. If you cancel within 7 days of the workshop, your fee will be credited toward a future workshop. No refund or credit will be given to no-shows (those who simply fail to turn up).

In the unlikely event of the workshop being canceled, your fee will be refunded or credited toward a future workshop at your option.

Grievance Resolution Policy

If you have a complaint or grievance about any aspect of your participation in one of our workshops, please send an email to detailing your experience and attaching any previous communications you have had in resolving the problem. We will investigate and reach a resolution in consultation with you, and communicate it to you within 30 days of receiving your complaint. Our objective is to serve you by providing value in the form of our workshops and we will try to help any way we can. Some issues, though, are beyond our control (e.g., if the equipment or internet connection at your end is inadequate). Please note that our maximum liability cannot exceed the registration fee that we received from the participant.

I Work with Middle/High School HI Students ..............

This workshop focuses on working with 0-8 age group. Issues relating to older children will not be discussed.

I Work in a TC Program; Is This Workshop for Me?

If developing spoken language through audition is a part of your Total Communication program objectives, you will find the techniques taught in this workshop very useful.

I am a Student; Can I Attend This Workshop?

Yes. It is strongly recommended that you attend the BASICS Workshop before taking advanced level workshops.

OK, How Do I Register?

Click on "Click Here to Register" on the workshop web page. Fill out the registration form and click 'Submit'. You will receive a confirmation email within 48 hours, telling you how to pay (or send a purchase order, if your school/employer is paying). Once we receive your payment, your registration will be complete.

I Have More Questions!

Click "Contact Me" at the bottom of this page to send an email. ( Or write to workshops{at} )


Pratibha Srinivasan, Au.D., CCC-A, LSLS Cert.AVT, is the sole proprietor of SMART EARS and receives compensation through the proceeds of these workshops. The workshops are not supported either financially or in-kind by any organization or entity and are funded entirely by SMART EARS.

No relevant non-financial relationship to report.

The workshop presentations focus exclusively on listening and spoken language development and do not include any information on the use of any visual communication approaches to working with children who are deaf or hard of hearing.