For Institutions

Program Development

Whether your institution is looking to improve the effectiveness of an existing program or start a new program from the ground up, whether you serve five children or five hundred, whether you are a public or private institution, all successful projects involve planning, curriculum development, staff training, and the setting up effective systems and procedures.

The nature and scope of the specific challenges, however, will differ according to whether you are a school district wanting to offer the oral option to your deaf students, a state department of education attempting a statewide implementation of a spoken language model, or a government-NGO coalition seeking to set up an integrated system in a developing country. My program development consulting services will be customized to the needs of each situation, but will include the following process components:

  • Assessment of the Current Program
  • Assessment of needs and survey of existing resources
  • Development of goals and strategies to achieve them
  • Development of a blueprint for instruction, staffing, and training
  • Training and mentoring of staff as needed
  • Development of systems and procedures for quality control
  • Development of tools to assess program outcomes

Consultation for Individual Children

Early intervention programs and school systems may sometimes require a comprehensive assessment of a particular child who may not be lagging behind his peers or whose hearing loss is complicated by additional disabilities. I provide an in-depth evaluation and recommendations for an individualized program to optimize the child's progress.