For Professionals


The MAUVE (Mentoring for Auditory-Verbal Excellence) program is designed to provide the coursework and mentoring hours necessary for a therapist or educator to satisfy the eligibility requirements of the Listening and Spoken Language Specialist (LSLS) certification process. Mentoring for both LSLS-Cert.AVT and LSLS-Cert.AVEd is provided. While the nominal goal of the program is to prepare the candidates for the certification exam, the real goal is to help the mentees develop more advanced skills in therapy and classroom instruction and become more effective therapists and educators.

The program uses distance education technology to teach theoretical concepts and technical skills. It also employs live demonstration therapy/teaching. Live and videotaped observation and feedback are provided as part of supervision.


One-day and multi-day workshops are available on a variety of topics designed to form a part of a professional's continuing education program. The workshops are practice-oriented. The goal is for the participants to go back and begin to use the skills learned in the workshop immediately in their work setting.

One-week workshop I conducted in Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia

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