Online Workshop

Teaching Children with Hearing Loss
to Listen and Talk

Working with Babies

  • Learn the advanced principles, concepts, and techniques of Auditory-Verbal Therapy as it relates to infants and toddlers.
  • Learn to assess infants/toddlers and formulate family-centered goals.
  • Learn specific auditory-verbal techniques for structured and natural environment activities that establish early listening and spoken communication.
  • Learn strategies and techniques for Parent Training.
  • Earn ASHA CEUs (and LSLS hours)!


Teaching Children with Hearing Loss
to Listen and Talk - WORKING WITH BABIES
(Pre-requisites: Our
AV Basics workshop or equivalent knowledge. See FAQ for more info)
Pratibha Srinivasan, Au.D., CCC-A, LSLS-Cert.AVT
10 AM - 5 PM Eastern Time
Date: Not currently scheduled
Intended Audience
Teachers of the Deaf, Speech-Language Pathologists, Audiologists, Special Educators & other professionals who work with babies with hearing loss.

This course is offered for 0.6 ASHA CEUs
(Intermediate Level, Professional Area)

This workshop provides 6.0 hours of LSLS CE/Learning credit.

For other professionals, this course should
provide 6 professional development hours.
See FAQ below for more information
Equipment Required
PC or Mac, USB Headset; or iPad or other tablet; See FAQ for more details.
$179 per participant
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Time (EST)
10:00 TO 11:30
Assessment and Goals
1. Audiological Status
2. Parent-Child Interaction
3. Communication Skills
4. Setting Goals for the Infant/Toddler
5. Setting Goals for Parents
11:40 TO 1:10
Techniques & Activities 1 - Structured Activities
1. Phonetic Level
2. Pattern Perception
3. Establishing Communication Habits
1:10 TO 1:50
1:50 TO 3:20
Techniques & Activities 2 - Around the Home
1. Practicing Detection and Awareness
2. Pattern Perception
3. Expressive Communication
3:30 TO 5:00
Parent Training
1. Strategies and Techniques
2. Helping Parents Develop Auditory-Verbal Skills

1. Summary of Key Concepts
2. Question/Answer
3. Evaluation


So much great information- Pratibha gave lots of wonderful examples for working with infants and toddlers that I could not have gotten elsewhere. (S.H., Minnesota)
I really enjoyed this workshop and will definitely recommend it to others. There aren't many trainings out there for working with infants who are deaf or hard of hearing so thank you for providing this one. (J.R., Pennsylvania)
This workshop gave me the motivation I will need to make changes to my program. I need to start involving the parents in new ways.  I have been drifting away from this practice. (K.S., Ontario, Canada)
I never knew an online CE course could be so good! Better than some in-person conferences I've been to. (M.B., Colorado)
This was one of the most practical workshops I have attended. There was a good connection between theory and practice, which is helpful in making applications. (J.R., Arizona)
My overall impression of this workshop was excellent! I learned things that I can use right away and I found out where I can go for more information. (D.P., California)
As an early interventionist I found the concepts clearly presented and left the session with activities I am able to implement . (R.F., Florida)
The video examples clearly tie in points made in the lecture to functional clinical application (C.N., Washington)
.... a lot of the information and examples can be carried over to use with other children who have other delays. (M.T., Michigan)
I will be using the techniques with all my clients (C.W., Maryland)
I really liked learning strategies and techniques. I also likes the handouts given - I will definitely be able to utilize these immediately! (K.H., Ohio)
{State one thing that you are going to go back and implement in your work right away}  Already did last night at a visit! (M.H., Arizona)
Her years of experience and expertise really comes through.  She is always able to answer the questions and keeps everything organized and moving along so nicely. (J.N., Minnesota)
Pratibha goes at a good pace and answers everyone's questions in a timely and respectable fashion.  She is very knowledgeable and thorough.  I enjoy being able to attend a workshop from the comfort of my own home. (C.J., Minnesota)
Thank you for a practical, insightful, inspiring, well-organized, professional training on a topic of utmost importance (L.S., Washington)
Went by really quickly for a whole day workshop, and loved the practical application of strategies and examples. (T.L., Massachusetts)
I am very very impressed with the quality of the Smart Ears workshops. Very useful, practical, organized, and extremely well presented information. (C.W., Maine)
Parent training is one of the key elements to the early intervention therapy session, yet so few seminars address it. Today's workshop was rich in the content needed to successfully work with parents. (R.C., Illinois)
It was the most practical workshop I have ever participated in! (J.W., Massachussets)
I felt like this was one of the best workshops I have attended in a long time. (K.C., Michigan)
I was really impressed with the many simple, practical applications that I can use from this workshop in my daily practice, and especially all the parent training ideas to encourage frequent, consistent practice. The videos really helped me understand exactly how a skill can be taught to parents. Thank you for a great conference! (K.M., Indiana)